Teaching and Learning

At Warragul Primary School we concentrate on creating

through our focused teaching.


Warragul Primary School provides students with the literacy knowledge, skills, understanding and confidence to effectively communicate in our ever-changing world.  

Our school strives to build a shared vision of accuracy, fluency and purpose, where every student is challenged and supported to achieve continuous improvement and success.

Children listen to, read, view, speak, write, create and reflect on spoken, written and multimodal texts across a range of contexts and are encouraged to respond to what they read and write to strengthen their development and appreciation of using the English language.  As they dive into their literary discovery, we observe students enjoying and developing a real sense of English literature, specifically its richness and power to evoke feelings, convey information, form ideas, facilitate interaction with others, entertain and persuade.

All students study a sequential English Program which incorporates a variety of high impact teaching and learning strategies based on the Victorian Curriculum.

The curriculum separates the English Domain into three strands:

  • Language
  • Literature
  • Literacy

And the Three Language Modes:

  • Reading and Viewing
  • Writing
  • Speaking and Listening

Warragul Primary School places emphasis on developing effective communication by focusing on purposeful language interactions in every classroom, for every child.

This year the school wide focus in English is Reading. Our shared vision for Reading at Warragul Primary School is: 

“Reading is essential for learners to successfully participate in an ever-changing world. Students need skills and strategies to be able to understand, interpret, reflect critically, analyse and enjoy a diverse range of written texts and media.” 


Mathematics at Warragul Primary School is a positive experience in which students acquire the skills necessary for living in and making sense of the world around us. Our Mathematics curriculum provides a framework for approaching problems encountered in everyday life.  Daily lessons are given using our Instructional Model for Mathematics. Students develop a common language that enables them to discuss the knowledge and understandings gained through collaborative learning and problem-solving experiences.

Students develop their own learning goals, guided by their progression up the Learning Ladders. Programs are planned to accommodate individual students who learn at different rates and have diverse needs. Our program is informed and directed by the strengths and areas of need that are displayed by our students, using the Victorian Curriculum and the Learning Ladders.

Warragul Primary School endeavours to equip students with Mathematical knowledge, skills, understanding and confidence. This enables them to effectively respond, contribute and develop their ability to use strategies for inquiry to obtain and describe answers to mathematical questions arising from both mathematical and everyday (real life) situations.

Students are encouraged to take risks and “have a go” in order to build their confidence and attempt new challenges where they are also well supported and encouraged to achieve continuous improvement and success.  Technology is employed as a tool to enrich and challenge the students in the mathematical environment.  

Based on the Victorian Curriculum, our Mathematics
program separates the Maths Domain into three strands:

  • Number and Algebra
  • Measurement and Geometry
  • Statistics and Probability

We work to providing learning that is flexible and varied, catering for a variety of learning styles, with the key
objective in promoting success for all students.

Mathmatics at Warragul Primary School

Providing your child an opportunity to participate in problem solving activities and challenges we strive to engage our students in mathematical thinking.

Specialist Areas

At Warragul Primary School your child will learn with purpose.  We offer learning with intention, success criteria and emotional engagement for all students.  Children learn best when they are happy, challenged, interested and engaged, incorporating these considerations within each of our classrooms we develop fun ways for children to learn, and focus on growing the individuals mind.  

We offer a fantastic range of specialist classes including visual arts as well as physical and sport education. We know your child will love learning at Warragul Primary School.

Chinese (Mandarin)

Chinese (Mandarin)





Chinese (Mandarin)

Chinese (Mandarin)

music & performing arts

music & performing arts





Education Support Teachers

Our team of Education Support Teachers work across classrooms from F – 6 to support and enhance teaching and learning throughout the school.

Intervention programs offered, support and supplement the classroom programs for selected students who need additional assistance.

Literacy Support Programs

Warragul Primary School targets learning to individuals providing intervention for all students from Year F – 6.

Students requiring additional support in Reading have the opportunity to participate in our Levelled Literacy Intervention program allowing students to work in small, targeted groups to fast track their reading skills.

Students performing at an advanced level are also provided with the opportunity to work in small, targeted groups to further advance their learning.

Warragul Primary School 2021 enrolments are now open