Student Leadership

Warragul Primary School aims to maintain a safe and stimulating learning environment where students have positive feelings of well-being and a strong connectedness to school and peers.

Our 2019 Student Leaders

WPS has four student leaders who have been fantastic representatives of our school.

2019 Student Leaders:

  • Jaas
  • Vanneta Kong
  • Jon

Our leaders are active in the community supporting local functions and celebrations as well as promoting school events such as the Kid’s Farmers Market and visitor tours.

Each week our leaders coordinate and run our school assembly.

2020 School Leaders at Warragul Primary School

Our 2019 House Team Leaders

2020 Group House Leaders at Warragul Primary School

Our four school houses are each led by two leaders who are responsible for driving sportsmanship and teamwork across the school.

2019 House Team Leaders:

  • Elliot and Grace – House of Medley 
  • Briana and Olivia – House of Biram
  • Jack and Brandon – House of Ralston
  • Alistair and Hayley – House of Young

Warragul Kids' Farmers Market

Since its inception in late December 2016, we have successfully hosted and helped run the annual “Kids’ Warragul Farmers Market”!

Working collaboratively with other local Primary Schools the “Kids’ Farmers Market is all about children learning where their food comes from, making great healthy food choices BUT it also gets children directly involved in their community and learning about trade, commerce, and a vast array of other modalities to help them grow.

Children often have the opportunity to grow their own produce with the support of their schools and are largely responsible with parents and teacher’s guidance of what and how to sell their produce, including how they may wish to market it and prices for their products.

We believe this level of responsibility and community involvement helps develop well rounded and supported young youth who will and do make a fabulous contribution to the greater community and society.

Our next Annual Kids’ Farmers Market will be held Friday 13 March 2020, 4:00pm – 6:00pm.

For more info please like us on facebook: Click here

Junior School Council

On the 27th of February at our school assembly, Junior School Council (JSC) representatives across both campuses were announced and students proudly received their badges and certificates. JSC members have been very busy organising our Kids’ Farmers Market Raffle.  A big thank-you to Bunnings Warehouse who donated two wheelbarrows and gardening tools for our raffle.

JSC students have been collecting suggestions from their grades about different fundraising events we could have over the year. Once all suggestions have been collected and Mr Clode has agreed to which events we can choose from, we will then vote one event per term.  Overall JSC has had a fantastic start to the year.


Warragul Primary School implements the School Wide Positive Behaviour Support program, known as the High 5 Framework, across the school.  

We celebrate success and respect the individual through our High 5 Expectations: ‘Be Safe, Be Fair, Think, Learn and Care’.  We welcome the active participation of parents and community members in our school and we are proud of the way we work as a learning community which shows in the high levels of endorsement and satisfaction reported via the Staff and Parent Surveys.

The High 5 Framework has been expanded to include agreed expectations for the whole school community and opportunities for parents to be involved in developing parenting strategies through parenting programs and support from the Chaplaincy Program.  The teaching of personal and interpersonal skills will continue to be a significant focus.


Warragul Primary School students in grades 3 to 6 enjoy camp experiences over three days.

Camp experiences are varied according to the year level and capabilities of the students and designed to reflect the curriculum. Camps costs are made available to parents, approximately two terms prior to the camp date

Camps are a vital part of the social learning for students and further help to:

  • Extend social and intellectual development of children outside their normal home and school environment.  Allowing for expansion in socialisation, group cooperation and independent experiences.
  • Participate in challenging activities where decision-making, confidence and self-reflection on consequences for both themselves and others.
  • Develop personal qualities such as resourcefulness, leadership, tolerance and determination.

Highlight of achievements

We celebrate the successes of all of our Warragul Primary School Students regularly at: 

  • Assembly
  • Year end concerts
  • Talent Shows
  • Newsletters and School Displays

Student artwork and personal success can be found and viewed all around our school.

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