Parent Information

At Warragul Primary your child’s education is our focus.

We encourage parents and families to participate in all aspects of our programs and join our community-spirited school.

There are many opportunities to be directly involved in your child’s education:

  • helping with school excursions and school events 
  • assistance with literacy and numeracy programs 
  • participation in Kids’ Farmers Market 
  • fundraising events 

Please note: Volunteers are required to have a valid Working with Children (WWC) check. 

For further information, please refer to our Parent Information Booklet.

Communication with Parents

Warragul Primary School utilises the school communication app SZAPP. The app provides families with instant messages, news and alerts specific to your child. The app also includes a calendar that can be added to your personal calendar. School information and services such as the newsletter, uniform price lists and student led conference bookings are accessible in the home screen. Access to our social media accounts and school website is integrated into the app. Parents have the option to notify the school of any student absences. SZAPP can be easily downloaded to your PC, tablet or phone.

Each student also has a Diary or Communication Book (to go home and return to school each day) to record any homework and to help parents and teachers easily communicate on a daily basis.

Out of School Hours Child Care

At Warragul Primary School we understand that many parents are working and may not be able to collect children at home times, which is why we offer an out of school hours accredited child care program. We pride ourselves on the warm, friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

Before School Care offers children a fabulous home style breakfast, a range of cereals, toast, eggs, spaghetti, juice and milo. In the afternoon children can enjoy a fruit platter and hot or cold snack. We have a range of different activities to keep your child entertained and engaged and can even assist with homework completion during this time.

Child Care is provided at no cost to parents for main events such as Parent Teacher Student Discussion Nights, Parent Training Programs and Parent Information Nights. 

Click here for more details about our Out of School Hours Care.

Early Learning Centre

The Warragul Early Learning Centre opened in 2020 offers a three and four year old kindergarten program where children learn and prepare for school by developing strong social skills, improving their health and well-being and having fun learning in an encouraging and nurturing environment. 

This facility is a welcome addition to supporting our growing community and helping children to develop and grow into the leaders of tomorrow.  Enrolments and tours are welcome and we invite you to come and see for yourself the fabulous program and facilities that are on offer.  For more information about our facility or to enrol click here.

The Warragul Early Learning Centre (ELC) provides up to 132 kindergarten places with a capacity of 66 students per session.

Parent Support

Become a member of our Warragul Primary School Parents club and join other parents, who are mums and dads just like you who volunteer their time, to support the school and their child’s education. Anyone and everyone is welcome to join our meetings to discuss school matters and voice ideas and suggestions.

School Council

Warragul Primary School have an active and inspiring School Council made up of interested and motivated parents, the principal, deputy principal, and school staff representatives. The board endeavours to bridge and link all stakeholders of our education system with the school leadership team and seeks to discuss critical issues and decide on the outcomes and pathways for the future direction of our student education incorporating new innovative ideas and initiatives. Meeting monthly all board members are happy to make themselves available to anyone with ideas, questions or suggestions, and we have worked hard to create a great collaborative space where individuals are heard, and decision making is made easy and supportive to the key goal of our children’s development.

Attendance – absences / late arrivals / early departures

Regular and punctual attendance at school is a significant part of student achievement. All students should be at school as many days as possible, unless ill. Students should be punctual as classes often move directly to other activities.

Parents of students who are late must sign their child in at the school administration office. If a student has to leave school for any reason during the day, they must be signed out at the school administration office. If a student is absent, please advise the teacher with a signed note or contact the office via phone or the school app.

Please pick up or drop off students at the office and for safety reasons, do not go directly to classrooms.


Town buses service our school each morning and afternoon with the bus pick up / drop off point in Albert St outside the Junior Campus.  Students using buses are supervised onto buses after school. 

Country buses also service areas surrounding Warragul. Students are able to access country buses if they live more than 4.8km from their nearest school. Access may also be available in other particular circumstances.  Please ask at the office.


Warragul Primary School students in grades 3 to 6 enjoy camp experiences.

Grades 3 through to 6 participate in a camp for three days.

Camp experiences are varied according to the year level and capabilities of the students and designed to reflect the curriculum. Camps costs are made available to parents, approximately two terms prior to the camp date.

Chaplain Service

At Warragul Primary School we provide our students and their families access to our Chaplain Service to assist with looking after the personal needs of students (not just their academic needs) through the provision of general spiritual and personal advice. Our trained counsellor facilitates help and support with the emotional well-being of all our students by providing care services and strategies that support the broader school community.

The kind of care and understanding we provide helps families through difficult and challenging times. Offering counselling, providing meals when necessary and support from the community to assist families in times of hardship, to maintain a sense of normality during difficult periods.

Behaviour Management

Warragul Primary School believes every child should learn in an atmosphere of positive encouragement and firm, fair guidelines.

Warragul Primary School is part of a school wide positive behaviour support program. The program is research based and focuses on encouraging positive behaviours.

The school’s High Five expectations (rules) are:

1. Be Safe
2. Be Fair
3. Think
4. Learn
5. Care

With positive recognition strategies in and out of class situations, children are given consequences when necessary. Teachers explicitly teach the school “High Five” expectations at the beginning of each year and regularly remind and re-teach them during the year. This program is an integral part of each classroom and playground areas.

Through using this system we have seen benefits and shift from reacting to negative behaviours to being proactive in teaching positive behaviours and interacting with other individuals better.

Our School

Two school campuses situated across the road from each other, divide the junior school from the middle school students and comprise of twelve well-appointed class rooms.

School Features:

  • Art/craft room
  • Fully automated library
  • Multi-purpose room
  • Two outdoor basketball/ netball courts
  • One enclosed outdoor basketball/netball court
  • Air-conditioned comfort
  • Spacious gardens and grounds, including two ovals and extensive play equipment areas
  • Great Buddy Program
  • Student Leadership Program – School Leaders, House Leaders, Student Council, Library Monitors
  • IPADS and Notebooks are provided Year F- 6

Multicultural Inclusion

At Warragul Primary School our focus is for all students to have the opportunity to learn and grow in a nurturing and inspiring environment.  We welcome students and staff from all faiths and cultural and indigenous backgrounds.

WPS Child Safety Standards

Warragul Primary School is committed to be a child-safe environment.

  • We have zero tolerance for child abuse.
  • We actively engage, listen and empower all our students to communicate openly.
  • We engage with the families and students and support them to promote the wellbeing and safety of each child by establishing child-safe relationships within our community.
  • We aim to develop a positive school culture marked by collaborative, vigilant and proactive approaches across policy, procedures and our curriculum.
  • We strive to practice supporting and developing both students and staff in their roles, with opportunities for further growth and education, by caring about the individual and to protect both staff members and students while they attend Warragul Primary School.

Extra-curricular Activities

Creating opportunities for children to further develop beyond the classroom is extremely important, we offer additional extracurricular activities for children to thrive.

Some of these include:

  • External music program
  • Sporting Clinics (tennis, rugby, basketball, golf, netball, cricket)
  • Kelly Sports

School Uniform – Code of Dress

A Warragul Primary School uniform is compulsory and must be worn each day by all students in all grades.  Positive encouragement is a strong part of the uniform policy. Year 6 students are encouraged to wear their jacket or jumper.

  • School uniform must be worn on all excursions. 
  • All students must wear school hats from 1st September until 30th April or play in shade.
  • Any earrings should be studs or sleepers.  No other jewellery is allowed unless specific permission from the Principal is given.
  • Out of uniform notes should be sent if there is occasion for a student to be out of uniform.

Uniforms are available for purchase from BELEZA Uniform Shop in Williams Square, Warragul.  Some second-hand items of uniform may be available from the school office at a small cost, please email:


We are immensely proud of our school and you are always welcome to book a school tour and view for yourself the amazing environment and community of students and teachers that make up Warragul Primary School.

Please call 5623 2460 or email: to book a tour at a time and day that suits you. Further information about new enrolments is also available by clicking here.

Warragul Primary School 2021 enrolments are now open