Our School

A letter from the Principal

Welcome to the world of Warragul Primary School!  A vibrant, active and engaging learning environment for every student to explore and seek their dreams through learning and aspiring to be the best version of themselves.

At Warragul Primary School, students are at the centre of our mission for learning. We have created an environment that supports children and provides inspirational experiences and twenty first century learning innovations built on our rich history of teaching.

A Warragul Primary School education is one that is founded on the tradition of our High Five Expectations:

We believe these keystone lessons assist children with lifelong learnings and empower students with principles for success.  We help guide and mould great future habits addressing the way children think, and approach life by using innovative strategies that result in them establishing strong and positive future relationships with people; us, each other, and the wider community. The benefits seen in all students, staff and alumnae – wherever their journey takes them in life.

Learning and teaching at Warragul Primary School is a dialogue between the principal, staff, families and students as well as the community. Having an open dialogue approach and coming together enables you as the parent to get involved in your child’s education and we invite you to join in the conversation and explore learning through leadership.

Warragul Primary School provides flexible learning and teaching, with a curriculum designed according to your child’s abilities. Within each class students are assessed and grouped according to their point of need, which provides them the opportunity to maximise or accelerate their learning.

We can’t wait for you to join our school and be a part of the wonderful Warragul Primary community.

Scott Clode, Warragul Primary School Principal

School Infrastructure

Two school campuses situated across the road from each other, divide the junior school from the middle school students and comprise of twelve well-appointed class rooms.

School Features:

  • Art/craft room
  • Fully automated library
  • Multi-purpose room
  • Two outdoor basketball/ netball courts
  • One enclosed outdoor basketball/netball court
  • Air-conditioned comfort
  • Spacious gardens and grounds, including two ovals and extensive play equipment areas
  • Great Buddy Program
  • Student Leadership Program – School Leaders, House Leaders, Student Council, Library Monitors
  • IPADS and Notebooks are provided Year F- 6

Vision Statement

Warragul Primary School provides a supportive and challenging learning environment. We celebrate success and respect the individual through our High 5 Expectations. We welcome the active participation of parents and community members in our school.

WPS Child Safety Standards

Warragul Primary School is committed to be a child-safe environment.

  • We have zero tolerance for child abuse.
  • We actively engage, listen and empower all our students to communicate openly.
  • We engage with the families and students and support them to promote the wellbeing and safety of each child by establishing child-safe relationships within our community.
  • We aim to develop a positive school culture marked by collaborative, vigilant and proactive approaches across policy, procedures and our curriculum.
  • We strive to practice supporting and developing both students and staff in their roles, with opportunities for further growth and education, by caring about the individual and to protect both staff members and students while they attend Warragul Primary School.

Chaplain Service

At Warragul Primary School we provide our students and their families access to our Chaplain Service to assist with looking after the personal needs of students (not just their academic needs) through the provision of general spiritual and personal advice. Our trained counsellor facilitates help and support with the emotional well-being of all our students by providing care services and strategies that support the broader school community.

The kind of care and understanding we provide helps families through difficult and challenging times.  Offering counselling, providing meals when necessary and support from the community to assist families in times of hardship, to maintain a sense of normality during difficult periods.

Behaviour Management

Warragul Primary School believes every child should learn in an atmosphere of positive encouragement and firm, fair guidelines.

Warragul Primary School is part of a school wide positive behaviour support program. The program is research based and focuses on encouraging positive behaviours.

The school’s High Five expectations (rules) are:

With positive recognition strategies in and out of class situations, children are given consequences when necessary. Teachers explicitly teach the school “High Five” expectations at the beginning of each year and regularly remind and re-teach them during the year. This program is an integral part of each classroom and playground areas.

Through using this system we have seen benefits and shift from reacting to negative behaviours to being proactive in teaching positive behaviours and interacting with other individuals better.

Warragul Primary School 2021 enrolments are now open